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We have added our on-line catalog for most requested items.  If you have any questions about any kind of fire protection and safety products, please call us at  the number below or e-mail us for same day price quotes.  Call for discounts on large orders.

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Viking Fire Sprinkler Heads
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   A letter to our valued customers about price increases
Nationwide Fire Protection Equipment Sales, Local service

Swift Fire Protection, Inc. is a full-service, family owned Fire Protection company that has built a solid reputation based on our commitment to provide only the highest quality products and outstanding service. We provide an extensive  line of fire protection equipment, fire department equipment, safety equipment, emergency response products, sprinkler products, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, exit and emergency lighting systems, and other equipment to  match our customer's specific needs for all fire protection requirements - private, commercial, industrial, and government.

A $10 processing fee will be added to orders of less than $100
Hawaii & Alaska Customers Will Be Contacted For Shipping Charges.

Viking Group Sprinkler Systems
Viking - The Most Trusted Name in Fire Sprinklers… .

New Viking Fire Sprinkler Products

Fire Sprinklers for sale Swift Fire Protection
VK488 Freedom Residential Flat Concealed Pendent Sprinkler (K3.0)
VK502 - UL Listed and FM Approved Dry ESFR Pendent Sprinkler (K14.0)
Viking's Electroless Nickel Sprinkler (ENT) Coatings
Unbraided Flexible Sprinkler Connection (Model FSC-25U)
VK638 "Corridor Sprinkler" - QREC Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler (K8.0)
VK470 Freedom Residential Pendent Sprinkler
VK486 Freedom Residential Horizontal Sidewall Sprinkler (K4.0)
VK-1230 Clean Agent Fire Suppression System
VK538 Flat Concealed Pendent Sprinkler (K11.2)
VK595 Extended Coverage Upright Storage Sprinkler (K25.2)
VK472 Freedom® Residential Pendent Sprinkler (5.8 K factor)

Sprinkler Connections

FLEX SPRINKLER CONNECTIONSViking flexible sprinkler connections (FM Approved) featuring a braided hose. The new Model FSC-28B product is offered in addition to Viking's existing cULus Listed (non-braided) flexible sprinkler connection, Model FSC-25U which was announced last year. The attachment bracket fits securely to the ceiling grid while also providing generous lateral adjustment for perfect "center-of-tile" sprinkler installations. The standard available assembly lengths for the stainless steel flexible hose are 39-3/8" (1,000mm) and 59" (1,500mm) with either a 1/2" or 3/4" NPT sprinkler connection.

Viking's flexible sprinkler connections are factory-tested and ready-to-install out of the box, without additional loose parts. They are also offered pre-assembled with most of Viking's commercial sprinklers, including Viking's innovative extended coverage and Mirage concealed sprinklers. When the pre -assembled product is offered, the sprinklers are factory installed onto the flexible connections' outlet reducer fittings. The pre-assembled drops are 100% pressure tested at the factory.

More New Viking Sprinkler Products Here

New and improved sprinkler products along with Swift Fire Protection Service to provide you a better solution for any fire protection need. 
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Viking Fire Sprinkler Heads

Fire Extinguisher refilling, recharging, Inspections

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Our fire protection services include, but are not limited to, extinguisher refilling, recharging, and exchange; fire extinguisher training; on-site recharging; and fire schools and safety inspections.  Swift Fire Protection is fully licensed and  insured for your protection and peace of mind. Our personnel are friendly, courteous, prompt, and have the expertise to do the job right.  We take pride in our personalized service and all of our work is fully guaranteed.

Fire Extinguishers, Cabinets, Fire Sprinklers, Fire Fighting Equipment, smoke detectors


Swift Fire Protection is a leading supplier of fire sprinkler heads, fire sprinkler head guards, and  fire sprinkler escutcheons for fire sprinkler systems.  We carry many types of sprinkler heads including bulb sprinkler heads, upright fire sprinkler heads, pendent fire sprinkler heads and side wall sprinkler heads in bronze, chrome or white. Our Globe fire sprinkler heads are direct replacements for popular brands of fire sprinklers. 

We have residential fire sprinkler heads, commercial fire sprinkler heads, and industrial fire sprinkler heads, k factor rated fire sprinkler heads and automatic fire sprinkler heads. Check our on-line sprinkler head store for photos of fire rated sprinkler heads, temperature ratings for 1/2" sprinkler systems and 3/4" sprinkler systems. If you do not know what type of sprinkler head you have, call us and we will assist you to identify the sprinkler head for your fire prevention or fire suppression system.  Swift Fire Protection also carries fire sprinkler head guards, fire sprinkler head wire cages, fire sprinkler head storage boxes, regular fire sprinkler escutcheons, and recessed fire sprinkler escutcheons from Brooks Equipment and Brecco Corporation.  Our sprinkler head cages and sprinkler head guards help make the fire suppression system more vandal resistant and accident resistant.

Remember to inspect your fire sprinkler system annually and replace old rusted sprinkler heads, painted sprinkler heads, greasy or corroded sprinkler heads. Also insure the sprinklers are dry and no moisture is around any of the sprinkler head connections or sprinkler head valves. Call Swift Fire Protection at 706-283-8459 or shop on-line at for the best service and prices for sprinkler heads and sprinkler head accessories. We process all orders the day received and guarantee your satisfaction.


Fire Sprinkler Signs We carry all kinds of fire sprinkler signs, such as fire sprinkler room signs, fire sprinkler control valve signs, fire sprinkler shut off signs, fire sprinkler fire alarm signs, control valve signs, fire sprinkler standpipe signs, fire sprinkler door signs, fire sprinkler warning signs and other important fire sprinkler signs.  If you do not see the fire sprinkler sign you need, call Swift Fire Protection at 706-283-8459 and we will order it for you.

New Fire Sprinkler Products have been added to the on-line catalog at Swift Fire Protection web site. New products include several fire sprinkler gauges, fire sprinkler valves, fire sprinkler line testers, fire extinguisher cabinets and fire extinguisher cabinet repair parts.

Fire sprinkler valves include the Brooks Ashcroft SG1, SG2, and SG3. Ashcroft FIRE SPRINKLER GAUGES are designed for use on wet or dry sprinkler systems. The 3 1/2" gauges are UL listed and FM approved. The SG1 is used in a dry system on the sprinkler head side of the control valve to accurately monitor line air pressure, with the ability to accept water pressure up to 250 psi (upon system activation) . The SG2 is used on the water supply side of the system to indicate available source pressure. The SG3 accommodates both air and water sides up to 300 psi.

New fire sprinkler valves include the three way TWGV25, the SGV50, and SGV100 fire sprinkler system valves.

Fire sprinkler inline test valves have been added include STDV1 and STDV125.

New fire extinguisher cabinets are now available. These METAL FIRE EXTINGUISHER CABINETS , manufactured by J.L. Industries, are made of 20-gauge, galvanized steel for rust resistance. Bright white finish with keyed alike cylinder lock. Comes with breakable acrylic front and labels. Breaker bars sold separately. Available in 3 sizes. NOTE: Cabinets are priced and sold in pairs only!

Repair parts and covers are available for these cabinets.


Swift Fire Protection, Inc. provides Nationwide Fire Protection Equipment Sales and services Northeastern Georgia and Western South Carolina, but can assist you regardless of your location.  Our normal business hours are Monday-Friday, 8AM to 5PM Eastern Time.  Please call us at 706-283-8459 or FAX us at 706-283-0757.  You may also contact us via e-mail at


Heavy Duty Cabinets

Fire Extinguisher Cabinet AHDOC-10 130
First Strike Fire Outside Extinguisher Cabinets
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Brooks Heavy Duty Fire Extinguisher Cabinets
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M&M Bubbles 200

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First aid kits 25MFA

First Aid Kits



Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Replacement Windows

Bubble covers replace the bubble type windows in recessed Potter Roemer, Larsens and JL Industries cabinets with bubble window in the door as shown in above photo.


Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Replacement Windows

For Flat window cover replacements, order stock number MMF1, MMF2 or MMF3.





























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