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Fire Sprinkler Help Page & Fire Sprinkler Videos

Scroll down for fire sprinkler videos.

This fire sprinkler head guard information page is to assist in the selection of the correct sprinkler head guards and escutcheons when ordering from Swift Fire Protection Catalog.

Some of the part numbers for fire sprinkler head guards have changed in 2007, and we have also added additional fire sprinkler head guard and escutcheon products.  Below you will find better quality photos that can be enlarged in order to see more details and understand the measurements for 1/2" vs. 3/4" sprinklers. 

Fire Sprinkler Head Measurements

Fire Sprinkler Head Size Measurements

When measuring fire sprinkler heads, remember that 1/2" sprinkler heads have an inside diameter of 1/2" and an outside diameter of approximately 3/4".

If you measure across the outside of the threads of a sprinkler head, and the outside diameter is approximately 3/4", you have a 1/2" sprinkler head and should order guards and escutcheons for 1/2" sprinkler heads.  If you measure across the threads of the sprinkler head and the measurement is approximately 1", you have 3/4" sprinkler heads and should order guards and escutcheons for 3/4" sprinkler heads. 


Fire Sprinkler Head Color  Temperature Code (Fahrenheit)

Fire Sprinkler Head Color  Temperature Code (Fahrenheit)

Fire Sprinkler heads are color coded for Fahrenheit temperature by the color of liquid in the bulb.  An orange colored liquid in the bulb means it is rated at 135 degrees, red 155, green 200, and blue 286.  If the temperature of the sprinkler head reaches the color coded temperature, the bulb will break and the fire sprinkler will activate.  Other sprinklers in the area will not begin to dispense water unless each individual sprinkler head reaches the specified temperature for which it is rated.


Fire sprinkler head guards
ACGH1R & ACGH1W, by Brecco Corporation. Fire sprinkler head guard is an economy, snap-on sprinkler head guard  appox 3" W x 3 1/4" H.   Fits 1/2" and 3/4" sprinkler heads. Same as Brooks SPC660 & SPC1  . Order Red, White or Chrome on line.

Click here for photo fire sprinkler guard in white.



Fire sprinkler head guards ACGH2R050 (1/2"), ACGH2R075 (3/4") by Brecco Corporation. Fire sprinkler head guards are heavy duty sprinkler head guards for 1/2" or 3/4" sprinkler heads, approx 4" W x 2 5/16" H, painted red. The ACGH2R050 is for 1/2" sprinklers and the ACGH2R075 is for 3/4" sprinklers. 2-piece, screw on guard for better security. Brecco ACGH2R050 is same as Brooks SPC675 & SPCAGE50.  Brecco ACGH2R075 is same as Brooks SPC 680 &  SPCAGE75.  Order  on line.



Brecco ACGH1CREC Standard Fire Sprinkler Head Guard For RECESSED Escutcheons,
Brecco ACGH1CREC Standard Fire Sprinkler Head Guard For RECESSED Escutcheons, 1 piece snap-on, chrome plated, for 1/2" or 3/4" sprinkler heads. This guard can installed without  tools and without removing the sprinkler head.
See recessed sprinkler head with escutcheon here
See recessed escutcheons below
Order on line.



EP600 solid escutcheon and EP500 skirtEP600 solid escutcheon and EP500 skirt on left are both one piece for 1/2" sprinkler heads.  EP650 escutcheon on right is  2 piece, split/retrofit design and can installed without removing the sprinkler head.  EP600 is the same as the Brecco ESC1C50.  EP650 is same as Brecco ESRFC1C50.  EP500 is same as Brecco ESSAC.   Order on line.




 Brecco Two-Piece Recessed Escutcheon Chrome Or White Recessed split retro-fit escutcheons

Recessed split retro-fit escutcheons for 1/2" and 3/4" fire sprinkler heads.  These fire sprinkler escutcheons can be installed in most cased without removing the sprinkler heads.  

Order on line.





 Brecco Two-Piece Recessed Escutcheon Chrome Or White  Brecco Two-Piece Recessed Escutcheon Chrome or White

Brecco Model B Solid Two-Piece Recessed Compression Standard Skirt Escutcheon, fits 1/2" or 3/4" NPT sprinkler heads, UL Listed, FM approved. Approx 3/4" adjustment. Chrome or white. Replaces Globe EP10 & EP20.  A high quality escutcheon that sells for less than the EP10 or EP20.  Order here.



See the Fire Sprinkler Videos

Fire Sprinklers and Automatic Stove Top fire extinguishers can save your home from destruction and cut down on the water damage if a fire should occur in your home.  It only takes about 100 gallons of water to extinguish a home fire using sprinklers and it could save your life!

Stove Top FireStop Automatic Fire Extinguisher Demo
Bob The Builder Sprinkler Video
The Case for Residential  Sprinklers (10:30 minutes)
ABC Good Morning America-  October 10, 1997 (5:45 minutes)
NBC TODAY Show- Fire Trailer  Demo (8:36 minutes)
Local News Coverage of High  Rise Fires and Sprinklers (36:45 minutes)
Less Than Five Minutes -  Information Video (11:10 minutes)
High Rise Retrofit Documentary  (5:31 minutes)
The Gayle King Show (4:08  minutes)
"Streets of Fire" (4:16  minutes)
Residential Fire Sprinkler  Information (3:27 minutes)
Residential Fire Sprinkler  Public Service Announcement (1:46 minutes)
Residential Fire Sprinkler  Public Service Announcement (0:40 minutes)



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